​It’s not easy! Like everything else the more you put in the more you get back.

I’m writing this as someone who struggles to get out the door (I still need to pick up ‘Run Fat Bitch Run and get my inner grit doctor kicking me off the sofa, along with a dog that needs constant exercising) BUT man the feeling and energy after a run can’t be underestimated, here’s a few tips:

The minute you think, I might go out and giving running a go, capitalise on that motivation and get out the front door

Set realistic targets

Use music - when starting if can be a target to run for one song, walk for the next.

Get social (why do people think you can talk when running) – but meeting someone does mean you can get out the door

Set your own goal

Do not be put off by others wizzing by you

Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle – who cares!!

Get a decent pair of runners and women, buy a proper running bra, these need to be tried as they can differ in size to regular bras

Keep your sense of humour, laugh at yourself

The book ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ really helped me

Ability is what you are capable of

Motivation determines what you do

Attitude determines how well you do it

By: Leanne​