Gait Analysis – This is the starting point for every runner who comes into Runzone looking to buy a new pair of shoes. With help from our fully trained team, we can guide you through the process of establishing if your stride pattern is neutral or if you pronate and if so to what extent. From there we will take you through the options which match your gait result from our huge range. Try on as many brands and styles as you like, with our help, you will find the right pair for you. It all adds up to more comfortable, more efficient running with less chance of injury. Now that makes sense!

Not only do we have an in-store treadmill hooked up to state of the art gait analysis software but we have footdisc also. Footdisc acts as an excellent back-up and gives a great read on arch height which is a very good indicator of a runner’s gait. Flat footed indicates an over pronator and medium arch height indicates a neutral runner. A very high arch indicates the reverse of pronation which is called supination. A very small % of runners supinate.

We stock the best running shoes from the world’s best running brands. We have all of the key models from Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, Nike and Saucony.

Our team are all runners who know footwear inside out and really love running shoes. We run in the shoes ourselves and we don’t let any product come into the store until we are fully up to speed with it’s features and benefits. We receive ongoing product training from the likes of Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, Nike and Saucony whenever new technologies are launched.